More than 300,000 students have enrolled in StraighterLine courses to help them reach their goal of a college degree—students who otherwise would have missed the opportunity to get their degree. StraighterLine partners with higher ed institutions to help students earn a degree faster.

A partnership with StraighterLine holds significant importance due to the unique opportunities it provides for individuals seeking accessible and flexible higher education options. StraighterLine offers a wide range of online courses that are affordable, self-paced, and transferable to partnering colleges and universities. This partnership allows individuals to save on tuition costs, complete prerequisite courses efficiently, and earn college credits at their own pace. Partnering with StraighterLine enables educational institutions to broaden their reach, attract diverse learners, and enhance their offerings by integrating flexible and affordable online education into their curricula. Ultimately, a partnership with StraighterLine facilitates greater access to quality education and effectively empowers individuals to pursue their academic and career goals.

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