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MiniMaster in Medical Administration

Next Term Start: September 7, 2024

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Program Overview
The MiniMaster in Medical Administration program is meticulously crafted around three fundamental pillars: imparting students with pertinent knowledge, engaging them in addressing real-world societal and business challenges, and fostering knowledge transfer through meaningful interactions with faculty and the business community. By steadfastly focusing on these pillars, the program molds students into effective leaders in the field of medical administration. It provides a holistic understanding of healthcare systems, finance, policy analysis, and quality management, empowering students to actively apply their knowledge to address practical challenges. Through collaborative learning and networking opportunities, students develop essential leadership skills and a broad knowledge base that holds significant relevance in the dynamic healthcare industry.
What is MiniMaster?
A MiniMaster is an online graduate course meticulously designed for working professionals with commitments during evenings, weekends, or a preference for online learning. It is crucial to note that this is not a degree program. A key advantage of the MiniMaster lies in its flexibility, allowing individuals to commence the program in any term, facilitating rapid recognition and enhancement of their knowledge and skills. MiniMasters offer a cost-effective, skill-focused approach, providing participants with pertinent information, abilities, and talents that can be immediately applied in a specific professional field. Sometimes referred to as Micro-Credentials, these courses allow individuals to enroll in legitimate graduate-level courses without the need for a full degree program, enabling them to distinguish themselves in today’s competitive and fast-paced corporate environment. Upon completion of the MiniMaster program, graduates have the opportunity to transfer their earned credentials seamlessly into a master’s degree program at The Continents States University, further advancing their educational journey.
Program Objectives
  • Students can craft a complete, succinct paper relevant to medical administration.
  • Prepare and deliver a comprehensive, succinct presentation on the topic.
  • Recognize, evaluate, and recommend a course of action in unstructured management challenges.
  • Consider options, justify suggestions, and devise alternate solutions.
  • Defend moral convictions, advance to a more advanced level of moral reasoning, and put it into practice.
Job Outlook
The duties of a medical administrator vary based on several criteria, including the facility they work for and the size of their team. Typical job responsibilities may include maintaining institution records, tracking office and medical supplies, managing spending, and suggesting cost-cutting measures, as well as hiring and training staff.

Asynchronous-Based - 3 Credit Hours - BUS 5002 Operations Management

Operations Management is an essential course designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to manage the day-to-day operations of an organization efficiently. The course covers topics such as supply chain management, quality control, production planning, inventory management, and capacity planning. Students will learn how to analyze operational data and create strategies that optimize organizational productivity while reducing costs. The course also explores the importance of quality control and customer satisfaction, as well as the impact of technology on operations management. Upon completion of the course, students will emerge equipped with the essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to manage operations effectively, improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and drive long-term growth and profitability.
Leading in Customer Service is a course designed to enhance the skills of individuals in roles that require them to lead teams responsible for delivering exceptional customer service experiences. The course examines the importance of customer service, the role of leaders in driving a customer-centric culture, and the essential skills needed to manage customer relationships. Key topics covered in the course include customer experience design, effective communication, conflict resolution, customer problem-solving, and customer service trend analysis. Students will also learn how to motivate and inspire team members to deliver consistent, high-quality service and how to manage and measure customer satisfaction metrics. By completing the course, students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to lead teams that create and maintain exceptional customer service experiences, ultimately driving positive business outcomes.
Healthcare Statistics is a course that equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to use statistical tools to analyze healthcare data effectively. The course covers topics such as descriptive statistics, probability, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and data analysis. Students will learn how to design experiments and surveys in the healthcare context, collect and analyze data, and interpret statistical results. The course also explores the importance of statistical analytics in advancing healthcare quality, patient safety, and public health. Upon completion of the course, students will emerge equipped with the essential statistical analysis and data interpretation skills needed to accurately analyze and interpret healthcare data, make data-based decisions, and identify patterns and trends in healthcare systems and processes, ultimately driving improved outcomes for patients and improving the overall quality of care provided to patients.

How much is the tuition fee for attending your university?

Our university is dedicated to offering an exceptional education at an affordable price point. With tuition and fees considerably lower than those of private universities, we ensure that quality education remains accessible.
Our academic advisors are here to guide you in discovering your passions and talents, helping you find the perfect program fit. Additionally, our online self-assessment tool offers personalized degree and career suggestions tailored to your unique strengths and goals.
At our university, we provide a wide array of student support services designed to enhance both academic and personal success. From tutoring and counseling to disability accommodations and career coaching, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our dedicated student life staff also facilitate meaningful connections and friendships, ensuring that every student receives the personalized support they need to flourish.
Our esteemed faculty comprises world-class experts with vast experience and expertise in their fields. With 100% of our professors holding a PhD or the highest degree in their respective disciplines, you can rest assured you’re learning from the best. Their award-winning research and industry experience at leading organizations guarantee that you’ll acquire cutting-edge skills during your academic journey.
Numerous programs at our university provide internship opportunities with leading companies, along with insights from expert guest lecturers. These industry connections offer hands-on learning experiences that enhance your career readiness. Our career services staff are available to advise you on available options, ensuring you make the most of these valuable opportunities.
Our university offers full-time online program options designed to cater to students at different stages of life. Whether you’re balancing work, family, or other commitments, we provide flexibility. Choose to complete your program in less than 4 months or opt for a lighter course load and graduate in 5-7 months, accommodating your unique circumstances and pace.
With our impressive 10:1 students-to-professors ratio, you’ll experience smaller classes and receive personalized attention from faculty. Additionally, you’ll have the chance for one-on-one mentoring, collaboration on research or projects, and the development of meaningful teacher-student connections, enriching your academic journey.
At our university, we believe in life-changing education and impactful research. Our mission is to empower graduates to excel in their careers and make a difference in the world. Experience the Continents States University difference and unlock your full potential with us.
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National Health career Association (NHA)

National Healthcareer Association (NHA)

Many hospitals, private practices, and organizations throughout the country require national certification as a competence standard. The MiniMaster in Medical Administration program was reviewed and approved by the National Healthcareer Association for the eligibility to sit for Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) and Medical Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCS) exams. NHA is a national professional certification agency for healthcare workers in the United States. Granting credentials in more than eight allied health specialties.


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