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Competency-based learning

Allows students to advance based on their ability to master a skill or competency at their own pace regardless of environment.

Tuition Free, Fee Free

There are no instruction, course material, graduation fees at The Continents State University.

Internationally Accredited

We are accredited by ASIC to delivering modern, accredited, competency-based education to everyone across all of The Continents!

Master of Science in Public Health, One Year, Online Tuition-Free

The Master of Science in Public Health prepares individuals to work with specific population groups and communities and help them improve levels of awareness, education, policy, and research.

Master of Arts In Organizational Leadership, One Year, Online Tuition-Free

Today’s small organizations and large enjoy multifaceted and immersive relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and service vendors.

Master of Business Administration, One Year, Online Tuition-Free

The Master of Business Administration program at The Continents States University founded for professionals looking to improve their careers by seeking employment in management positions.

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Students level of living never matters attending school and pursue your higher education. Not like all other colleges and universities, TCSU does not make a determination based on your educational history.