Accredited Graduate Degree Programs

An approved, asynchronous, competency-based worldwide higher education institution with yearly membership is offered. Accredited by ASIC to enable parents and students to make better decisions. Additionally, assist the university or the remote education provider in proving their excellence to the foreign student body.

Business Administration

Oversee and supervise an organization’s business operations and manage its resources, time, and people. Administration professionals ensure that businesses and organizations are run effectively, efficiently, and profitably for the long term.

Master's Degree MiniMaster

Healthcare Administration

Hospitals and non-clinical Operation functions involved in operating a healthcare facility, from day-to-day operations to staffing to budgeting and finance to long-term strategic planning to ensure the success of the healthcare provider or system.

Master's Degree MiniMaster

Organizational Leadership

Helps communicates the mission and vision and create a management technique in which leaders establish strategic goals for the business while inspiring members within the group to complete tasks in support of those goals effectively.

Master's Degree MiniMaster
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