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When you give to The Continents States University, you can choose the destination for your gift based on your interest. Choose a cause or donate to an academic college, university area in need of support.

Unlock More Potentials

More than ever, our students depend on us. The importance of our work as an online institution has never been greater. Many of you, including our current supporters, parents, and friends, have inquired how they can contribute to support the mission. Your assistance can help our students overcome the difficulty and advance the purpose of changing lives at this uncertain time.

No matter how much or how little you decide to donate, The Continents States University depends on your support to continue moving forward with its top priorities. The Continents States University has the resources necessary to rank among other institutions because of the kindness of our benefactors.


Less than five percent of non-profits registered with GuideStar are recognized with a Gold Seal. A Gold Seal status is the leading symbol of non-profit transparency and accountability.

Giveaways and donations paid to The Continents States University are used solely to fund scholarship awards and hardship programs and to cover the cost of membership waivers. Applications to receive such financial assistance are subject to the Board of Directors’ approval and at the university’s discretion.

  • The Continents States University Foundation is a not-for-profit charity registered by IRS, and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
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