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MiniMaster in Global Leadership

Next Term Start: June 29, 2024

MiniMaster in Global Leadership

No Live Lectures, No Exams

Asynchronous-Based Education
Accelerated Completion Timeline
Student Academic
Accredited Degree
Ranked #1 Military
Program Overview
The MiniMaster in Business Management program, also known as “Business Essentials,” is meticulously crafted to empower accomplished professionals in enhancing their career trajectory. This program integrates contemporary concepts and strategies, providing a comprehensive set of tools and resources for confident and strategic leadership in today’s dynamic business landscape.
What is MiniMaster?
MiniMaster is an online graduate course tailored for working professionals with commitments during evenings, weekends, or those who prefer online learning. Notably, it is not a degree program. The program’s flexibility allows individuals to start at any term, accelerating their recognition and knowledge enhancement.MiniMasters offer a cost-effective, skill-focused approach, delivering relevant information, abilities, and talents for immediate application in specific professional fields. Sometimes referred to as Micro-Credentials, these courses enable individuals to distinguish themselves in today’s competitive corporate environment by enrolling in legitimate graduate-level courses without a full degree program.Upon completion, graduates can seamlessly transition into a master’s degree program at The Continents States University, advancing their educational journey.
Program Objectives
  • Communicate with stakeholders using contemporary business language.
  • Manage professional obligations efficiently, optimizing time constraints.
  • Modernize strategies and become a strategic thinker capable of providing cutting-edge solutions.
  • Showcase significant contributions to modern organizations, identifying problems, and sharing possibilities across departments.
Job Outlook
The job outlook for MiniMaster graduates is promising, with a projected growth of up to 5% by 2029, faster than the average of 4% for all occupations (BLS, 2021). This program allows you to update your formal education and professional experience with current business methods, including strategic marketing, modern leadership, and company legal challenges.Learn from professionals who translate new ideas from the classroom to practical implementation in a highly interactive atmosphere. Gain knowledge in a demanding academic setting at a university, earning credits applicable toward further education aspirations and a program certificate.

Asynchronous-Based - 3 Credit Hours - OSR 5010 Organizational Strategy

Organizational Strategy is a course designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to develop and implement effective strategies that align with an organization’s goals and objectives. The course covers topics such as market analysis, competitive positioning, strategic planning, resource allocation, and performance measurement. Students will learn how to conduct strategic analyses, identify key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and develop strategies that leverage an organization’s resources and capabilities. The course also explores the importance of strategic alignment across different levels of an organization, as well as the role of leadership in driving strategic change and enabling organizational agility. By the end of the course, students will be able to create and communicate a compelling organizational strategy, articulate clear goals and objectives, and execute a plan that drives business success.
Multicultural Management is a course that explores various cultural differences and their impact on management practices in diverse workplaces. The course covers topics such as cultural intelligence, cross-cultural communication, global leadership, diversity, and inclusion. Students will learn how to identify and address cultural biases that can hinder teamwork, communication, and productivity in multicultural settings. They will learn how to lead and manage diverse teams by developing essential multicultural management skills such as adapting communication styles, creating an inclusive workplace culture, fostering cross-cultural collaboration, and demonstrating empathy. By the end of the course, students will be well-equipped to lead and manage teams effectively in multicultural environments, and they will be able to bridge cultural differences and leverage cultural diversity to foster innovation and drive business success.
Organizational change and leadership are important aspects of managing and growing a successful business. This course focuses on the processes and strategies of driving change in organizations, such as identifying problems, planning solutions, and mobilizing people, resources, and systems to achieve the desired results. Effective leaders must be able to articulate a clear vision, build consensus, and motivate employees to embrace change. Leaders must also create and foster a culture that is conducive to change by promoting values such as innovation, adaptability, and continuous improvement. The course also covers the importance of good communication, stakeholder management, and measurement systems in the change process. Overall, this course equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to lead and manage change initiatives for the long-term success of their organizations.

How much does it cost to attend your university?

Our university prides itself on providing an affordable, high-quality education. Tuition and fees are very reasonable compared to many private universities. No tuition or ongoing fees, it’s a one-time annual membership fee of $5000.

Absolutely! Our academic advisors are experts at helping students explore their interests and talents to find the best program fit. We also have an online self-assessment tool that provides personalized degree and career recommendations based on your strengths and aspirations.
We offer a comprehensive range of student support services to help you excel academically and personally, including tutoring, counseling, disability accommodations, career coaching and more. Our student life staff also help you make friends and valuable connections. Every student receives the individualized support they need to thrive.
Our world-class faculty members have extensive expertise and experience in their respective fields. 100% of our professors hold a PhD or the highest degree possible in their field. Their award-winning research and work experience at top organizations ensure you learn cutting-edge skills.
Yes! Many of our programs offer internships with many leading companies as well as insights from expert guest lecturers. These industry connections provide hands-on learning experiences that boost your career preparedness. Our career services staff can advise you on available options.
We provide full-time online program options to accommodate students at various life stages. For all programs, you have a choice between completing your degree in as little as 4 months or taking a lighter course load and graduating in 5-7 months.
Our 10:1 professor-to-student ratio means smaller classes and more individualized attention from faculty. You also have opportunities for 1-on-1 mentoring, collaborating on research or projects, and develop valuable teacher-student connections.
In short – our university transforms lives through high-impact education and research. We empower graduates to excel professionally and reach their greatest potential while making positive impacts on real-world issues. Come experience The Continents States University difference!
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The Continents States University swiftly secured its position in the global higher education landscape. In the latest "Times Higher Education" ranking system for the year 2023, we proudly stand among the top 801–1000 universities in the Impact Rankings: Quality Education category. This acknowledgment underscores our commitment to delivering high-caliber education and places us prominently in the international academic arena. Additionally, our students consistently provide commendable feedback across various platforms, attesting to the quality of education and experience we offer. As a young university, this recognition is a testament to our dedication to excellence in online education.

Your Full Tuition Breakdown

Tuition and FeesPrice
Admission Application$75
Scholarship (Limited Time)$2,000
Graduation Fee$400
Total Paid Cost$3,475

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