What is Annual-Tuition (Membership)

What is (Membership) Annual-Tuition

We are running by a (Membership) or Annual-Tuition module. The tuition is the cost of taking classes at any university and what any school charges for the actual instruction. The Continents States University does not charge tuition for education like other traditional universities. However, the university defined its tuition module as a one-time non-refundable admission processing fee of $50 and an annual membership fee of $1000. Tuition is the cost of taking classes at any university and what any school charges for the actual instruction. A $1000 annual fee as a one-time membership fee (tuition), payable annually to cover one full academic year. The cost of attendance is due 48 hours before the first day of starting the first term. All prices are subject to change at the school’s discretion. Any fee increases will become effective for the year following student notification of the increase.

Annual-Tuition and Total Costs

The total graduation costs with an accredited degree from The Continents States University are given below with a simple method.

  • Master’s Degree program: $1,000 Annually
  • Other Fees: Zero

Applicants will pay $50 (Non-refundable fee) to process the admission application before issuing an acceptance certificate. Admission application processing fees are not refundable, even when students choose not to finish the process.

Yes! It is right to say that you will not pay the fees per course, semester, quarter, or credit. Fees paid to The Continent States University will be on an annual basis as a membership as long as you are an active student with the university.

Financial Aid Assistant

The Continents States University is an annual membership-based university committed to delivering higher education to all qualified students. The university does not offer, recommend, or advise any financial assistance.

The Continents States University does not participate in any financial assistant programs. Any assistant financial programs that will consider the university a participant are published on our website and in this school catalog.

Financial Assistance & Reductions in Fees

The Continents States University operates under the regulations of the state of Missouri section 173.600. The Continents States University issues degrees and complies with Missouri Revised Statutes Section 173.616, RSMo. Additional information regarding this institution is available upon contacting the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE), and they can be reached at 301 W. High Street, Jefferson City, MO, 65102-1469.

The university do not and will not participate in any form of individual fee reductions for individual students. However, the university reserves the right to offer the same fee reduction for those without financial assistance for the entire cohort. Veterans, service members, and families of the U.S. Armed Forces will receive an admission fee waiver of $50.

Transferability of Credit

In traditional universities, students must complete major courses and electives to qualify for graduation. The Continents States University is working hard to emphasize that all our students benefit from a small portion of their lives pursuing higher education.

To be eligible for graduation, all students must complete all major sections in each program-prior life experience or knowledge (or introductory courses). We accept credit transfers from other accredited institutions; however, students must pay a $25 credit processing fee.