At The Continents States University, we have developed our mission, vision, and values along with our great volunteers, who donated their time, efforts, services, knowledge, and educational materials to build a better-educated universe. Many people around the world need education, but they cannot afford it. While some of us got the chance to finish school, others did not! It is time to give back.

Today, there are 3.010 billion internet users globally, and the estimated global internet penetration is 42% compared to 84.2% in the United States. Around 52.4% of the global online population accesses the internet from their mobile devices. More than half of the world’s population will go online using mobile devices by 2020.

Global records show that education remains a far-right for 759 million illiterate adults. They do not have the awareness necessary to improve both their living conditions and those of their children. The Continents States University designed its mission, vision, and values very carefully to serve all students’ future needs across the globe.

The university is an online American university, internationally accredited, committed to delivering modern, accredited, competitive, competency-based, and membership-based education to everyone across all the continents! The Continent States University offers a variety of degree programs such as the Master of Science in Business Administration, the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, and the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration, and will offer many others. However, it is an internationally accredited American university committed to delivering competitive, accredited, and membership-based education worldwide.

The Continents States University is institutionally accredited by ASIC. ASIC is recognized by the United Kingdom Visa and Immigration as an accreditation agency. They are members of CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in the USA and are listed in their directory, are members of the BQF (British Quality Foundation), are affiliates of ENQA (European Network for Quality Assurance), and are members of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network). The competency-based learning module leads to better student engagement because it is relevant to each student and tailored to their unique needs. It also leads to better student outcomes because of the pace of learning customized for each student. The Continents States University is enabling students to master skills at their own pace. Competency-based learning systems help to save both time and money. Each of these presents an opportunity to achieve greater efficiency and increase productivity. The university is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC) as a competency-based learning university built for professionals.

  • Mission: The Continents States University works to equip future professionals with the skills, tools, and opportunities that enable faster integration into the workforce industry by delivering affordable, quality, and competency-based education to everyone across the continents.
  • Vision: The Continents States University aspires to be an internationally recognized and accredited private institution, where affordable education embraces students and grasps their new life, grows, and thrives.
  • Values: The Continents States University is committed to being a diverse leader with an audience, staff, volunteers, program delivery instructions, community participation, and decision making.
  • Goals: At The Continents States University, we are committed to helping a diverse group of people in the United States and across the globe achieves access to affordable educational opportunities. We have dedicated our staff members and time to helping those in the United States and Russia, South Africa, Japan, and worldwide. The university aspires to national and global recognition for private online instruction, facilitating student learning and growth. The university offers a myriad of services, including degree programs and foreign education degree evaluation.
  • Uniqueness: At The Continents States University, We collected all the available resources on the internet, free learning materials, open-source software, school benefits, passionate volunteers, donors, and believers in education. The university is committed to delivering modern, competitive, competency-based education to everyone across all the continents!
  • Impact: The Continents States University increases equal access opportunities to higher education for those who cannot afford it.
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