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Online education with motivation


Online education with motivation

Motivating students or prospects toward distance learning might require you to consider some factors. Students who pursue online education are not always motivated due to any circumstances.

These can arise because of personal or life-related problems that negatively affect them. Despite several factors that hinder students from pursuing online education, there are ways you can utilize to overcome them. These can help set up online learning that helps deliver better, so students are motivated. We’ll explore some ways you can adopt to conduct online education with motivation.

Flexible Course Schedule

Many students who pursue online education also work alongside their studies. Some of them can’t keep up with courses that clash with their already busy schedule. To motivate them to pursue online education is to provide them with a flexible course schedule. There should be different course timetables where students can select or choose the course at their suitable time.

Besides, the lectures and coursework should be uploaded and recorded, so students don’t lose track. Making your study materials accessible can help students catch up with their work quickly.

User-friendly and interactive Learning Platforms

It’s no secret that the mode of online education is a learning platform that serves as an online classroom. Many technical challenges can arise from the student’s side of the university’s back end.

These obstacles can significantly cause students to lose focus, leaving them unmotivated to continue. Once these technical issues have been taken care of, you should keep the online learning as interactive as possible.

To motivate students, you can allow them to participate while delivering the lecture.  You can give them group tasks to perform in an online class to increase their engagement. This way, students would be motivated to take online courses to boost their learning and social skills.

Make sure LMS platforms are mobile-friendly, as many students access their study materials by phone.

Goal Setting

Setting academic goals and giving clear instructions to attain them within a deadline motivates your students. When students are given assignments and tasks related to their coursework, they focus on finishing them on time.

These challenge your students to submit work on time, influencing them to take an interest. Besides, goal setting also helps instructors to assess their students based on submitted work. Therefore, setting goals with clear instructions is essential to motivate students toward online learning.

Feedback from Instructors

When instructors show interest in students’ progress, they get motivated to work towards their goals. Feedback is what your instructors provide you with when you have done your work. It can be by responding to students’ texts or comments to answer their queries. It can also be how instructors leave feedback on students’ assignments and other coursework.

This will motivate students to engage, learn and do better to complete the degree. Instructors should make sure to give timely feedback and respond to their students.

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