SDVOSB Certified

SDVOSB certification is a government program supporting military personnel who are service-disabled veterans to establish and grow their own small businesses. It offers procurement advantages and contract opportunities to help them compete and succeed in the marketplace.

The Continents States University’s SDVOSB certification holds immense importance for its students and faculty. As an SDVOSB-certified institution, the university demonstrates its commitment to supporting and empowering service-disabled veterans. This certification opens up numerous opportunities for students, providing them with access to specialized resources, mentorship programs, and potential employment prospects within SDVOSB companies. Additionally, it enhances the university’s reputation as an inclusive and supportive academic institution, attracting faculty members who value diversity and veteran advocacy. The certification also promotes a culture of awareness and appreciation for the sacrifices made by service-disabled veterans, fostering a sense of community and gratitude among students and faculty. Overall, The Continents States University’s SDVOSB certification ensures an enriched educational experience, creates employment possibilities, and reinforces a culture of respect and support for our nation’s heroes.

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