MiniMaster in Medical Administration

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MiniMaster in Medical Administration

Programs are designed around three main pillars: equipping students with relevant knowledge, engaging students in the solution of actual societal and business problems, and facilitating the transfer of knowledge among students through interaction with teachers and the business community. These pillars provide a solid basis for transforming students into tomorrow’s leaders and guaranteeing a broad knowledge base pertinent to the current business environment.

What is MiniMaster

A MiniMaster is an online graduate course offered to individuals working in the evenings, on weekends, or online; it is not a degree. You can start a MiniMaster in any term to gain recognition more rapidly.

MiniMasters are reasonably priced, skill-based credentials designed to provide you with information, abilities, and talents that may be applied immediately in a particular profession. In certain schools, they are also referred to as Micro-Credentials. Without sacrificing time or money on a full degree, you may stand out in today’s competitive and fast-paced corporate climate by taking legitimate graduate-level courses.

Graduates from this program are eligible to transfer their credentials to start a master’s degree program at The Continents States University.

Program Objectives

  • Students can style a complete, succinct paper relevant to medical administration.
  • Prepare and appropriately give a comprehensive, succinct presentation relating to that topic.
  • Students should be able to recognize, evaluate, and recommend a course of action in unstructured management challenges.
  • They should also be able to consider their options, justify their suggestions, and devise alternate solutions.
  • Students can defend their moral convictions, advance to a more advanced, sophisticated, or mature level of moral reasoning, and put it into practice.

Program Features

  • Annual-Tuition (Membership) based program.
  • Available 100% online with the support of competency-based education options.
  • Programs are to be completed in twelve months.
  • An internship or externship is not necessary for graduation.
  • Program accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Job Outlook

The duties of a medical administrator vary depending on several criteria, including the facility they work for and the size of their team. However, the following might be typical job responsibilities, including maintaining the institution’s records, tracking office and medical supplies, keeping track of spending, and suggesting cost-cutting measures are all part of hiring and training staff.

Program Courses

Courses are taught in English, and students are expected to learn about APA, write in article format, engage in weekly workshops, and participate in development training groups with hands-on training.

In this course, students will learn about APA style format and how to implement them in their weekly assignments. Also, students will receive training on finding information from the university website and catalog and familiarize themselves with The Continents States University system.

Examine how companies manage processes to produce their customers’ products or services. Topics include product design, supply chain management, quality, inventory, and planning.

The courses in this program are designed to prepare students for the professional world of customer service. These certificate program courses provide a solid knowledge base in computer skills, business communications, and best customer service practices.

Students will learn about healthcare system surveys of quantitative methods (QM) and applying statistics in the workplace. Examines techniques for gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data in various fields—from anthropology to hedge fund management.

National Healthcareer Association (NHA)

Many hospitals, private practices, and organizations throughout the country require national certification as a competence standard. The MiniMaster in Medical Administration program was reviewed and approved by the National Healthcareer Association for the eligibility to sit for the Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) and the Medical Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCS) exams.

The National Healthcareer Association is a national professional certification agency for healthcare workers in the United States. Granting credentials in more than eight allied health specialties, it is an organizational member of the National Organization for Competency Assurance and accredited by National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

Why should you consider our university

  1. Veteran-founded educational institution
  2. Dedicated student support team 24/7
  3. No fixed schedule for attending live courses
  4. No limited time to transfer credit
  5. Accessible online courses
  6. Four-weeks course structure
  7. Supported by library resources through LIRN
  8. Military friendly school
  9. Internationally accredited


The only university worldwide to offer online recognized and accredited degree programs by annual membership, with support of company-based education for busy individuals.