MiniMaster in Business Management (Mini-MBA)

Next Term Start: May 26, 2023

Competency-Based Learning

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MiniMaster in Business Management (Mini-MBA)

Our MiniMaster: Business Essentials program allows successful professionals to retain their career path by effectively and strategically incorporating contemporary concepts and tactics. We will provide the tools you need to contribute as a self-assured thinking leader who understands today’s fast-evolving business environment. Make valuable contributions to multi-functional teams and aid in developing company goals by utilizing your new knowledge.

What is MiniMaster

A MiniMaster is an online graduate course offered to individuals working in the evenings, on weekends, or online; it is not a degree. You can start a MiniMaster in any term to gain recognition more rapidly.

MiniMasters are reasonably priced, skill-based credentials designed to provide you with information, abilities, and talents that may be applied immediately in a particular profession. In certain schools, they are also referred to as Micro-Credentials. Without sacrificing time or money on a full degree, you may stand out in today’s competitive and fast-paced corporate climate by taking legitimate graduate-level courses.

Graduates from this program are eligible to transfer their credentials to start a master’s degree program at The Continents States University.

Program Objectives

  1. Communicate with stakeholders using business jargon that reflects current success definitions and expectations.
  2. Manage your regular professional obligations while learning in a way that makes the most of your time constraints.
  3. Modernize your strategy and assume the position of a strategic thinker who can pose the proper inquiries and provide cutting-edge answers.
  4. Showcase significant contributions to the modern organization, including recognizing problems and sharing possibilities across departments with various functions.

Program Features

  • Annual-Tuition (Membership) based program.
  • Available 100% online with the support of competency-based education options.
  • Programs are to be completed in less than twelve months.
  • An internship or externship is not necessary for graduation.
  • Program accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Job Outlook

  1. Growth of up to 5% by 2029 is faster than the average of 4% for all occupations (BLS, 2021).
  2. Update your formal education and professional experience with current business methods, such as strategic marketing, modern leadership, and company legal challenges.
  3. Learn from professionals who will translate new ideas from the classroom to practical implementation in a highly interactive atmosphere.
  4. Gain knowledge in a demanding academic setting at a university, earning credits that can be applied toward further education aspirations and a program certificate.

Program Courses

Courses are taught in English, and students are expected to learn about APA, write in article format, engage in weekly workshops, and participate in development training groups with hands-on training.

In this course, students will learn about APA style format and how to implement them in their weekly assignments. Also, students will receive training on finding information from the university website and catalog and familiarize themselves with The Continents States University system.

This course is designed as a survey course that will expose you to business terminology, concepts, and current business issues, with the intent of helping students develop a viable business vocabulary, foster critical and analytical thinking, and refine business decision-making skills.

Detailed introduction to the entire marketing process, identifying a customer base, and the range of marketing decisions an organization must make to create value that appeals to consumers.

Examine the effects of cost, price, and profit on management decision-making, particularly the managers’ tools, and methods to make the best-informed decisions.

Why should you consider our university

  1. Veteran-founded educational institution
  2. Dedicated student support team 24/7
  3. No fixed schedule for attending live courses
  4. No limited time to transfer credit
  5. Accessible online courses
  6. Four-weeks course structure
  7. Library resources provided through LIRN
  8. Military friendly school
  9. Internationally accredited


The only university worldwide to offer online recognized and accredited degree programs by annual membership, with support of company-based education for busy individuals.