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Regional vs. National Accreditation


Regional and national accreditation are two evaluations of educational institutions’ quality. Regional accreditation, granted by one of six recognized bodies by the U.S. Department of Education, is widely accepted and considered the gold standard. National accreditation, typically by a Department of Education recognized organizations, is viewed as less rigorous and less widely accepted.

The key difference lies in the level of rigor and acceptance. Regional accreditation is widely accepted, while national accreditation requires broader acceptance. It’s crucial to research both types when selecting an educational institution to ensure quality.

International Accreditation

International accreditation is another form of accreditation that verifies that educational institutions meet specific quality standards. Conducted by independent third-party organizations, it assures students, employers, governments, and organizations of the institution’s quality. This assurance is crucial for students studying abroad, employers, and funding organizations.

It provides a level of assurance to the institution itself, ensuring it meets the accrediting body’s standards and offers quality education.

Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC)

ASIC is an independent accreditation body recognized by the UK government, accrediting educational institutions globally. The process involves a comprehensive review by independent experts, ensuring compliance with ASIC’s standards for quality and integrity.

The accreditation process encompasses various aspects, including academic programs, faculty, facilities, safety, security, equity, transparency, and accountability. It aims to ensure a high-quality, secure, fair, and accountable learning environment.

The Continents States University Accreditation (CSYou)

CSYou, accredited by ASIC since 2019, is a private, non-profit mission sponsored and driven institution in the U.S. offering diverse degree programs. Committed to academic excellence, CSYou undergoes a rigorous accreditation process ensuring adherence to ASIC’s standards.

Programmatic and Specialized Accreditation

The Continents States University (CSYou) is actively pursuing programmatic specialized accreditation to bolster its educational offerings. This accreditation focuses on specific programs, ensuring they adhere to industry standards and produce graduates with relevant skills and knowledge. CSYou acknowledges the significance of such accreditation in showcasing the quality and effectiveness of its individual degree programs. By actively seeking programmatic accreditation, CSYou aims to provide students, employers, and stakeholders with added assurance regarding the robustness and applicability of its programs. CSYou is dedicated to meeting the stringent criteria set by specialized accrediting bodies across various fields, including business, education, engineering, and health sciences. Through this endeavor, CSYou seeks to elevate the reputation and competitiveness of its programs on the global educational stage.

Active Pursuit of Regional Accreditation by The Continents States University

The Continents States University (CSYou) is actively pursuing regional accreditation to fortify its standing as a premier educational institution. Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, regional accreditation is esteemed as the benchmark for educational quality in the United States. CSYou’s quest for regional accreditation underscores its unwavering commitment to upholding rigorous standards across all facets of its operations, encompassing academic programs, faculty credentials, student support services, and institutional efficacy. Securing regional accreditation will not only validate CSYou’s dedication to academic distinction but also augment the value of its degrees for both current students and alumni alike. CSYou acknowledges the pivotal role of regional accreditation in fostering collaborations with other accredited institutions, facilitating seamless credit transfers, and broadening avenues for student mobility and exchange. Through its proactive pursuit of regional accreditation, CSYou reaffirms its dedication to continual enhancement and furnishing students with an exceptional educational journey aligned with esteemed standards of excellence.

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