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Is Oxford better than Harvard?

Is Oxford better than Harvard?
Discover whether Oxford surpasses Harvard in prestige, academics, and opportunities. Make an informed choice for your elite education journey.

When it comes to choosing a university for your higher education, few names carry the same level of prestige and academic excellence as Oxford and Harvard. But if you had to make a choice, which would you pick? Is Oxford truly better than Harvard, or is the perception just based on common beliefs? Let’s take a closer look at these renowned institutions and explore what sets them apart.

Key Takeaways:

  • Oxford and Harvard are both prestigious universities with high-quality education and numerous opportunities.
  • Consider factors such as reputation, rankings, tuition costs, and employability rates when making your decision.
  • Oxford has over 20 colleges and institutes, while Harvard has 15 schools offering a wide range of courses.
  • Both universities consistently rank among the top globally, with Oxford being ranked first in Europe and Harvard being ranked first globally.
  • Tuition costs vary, with Oxford being more affordable than Harvard, but both universities offer scholarships and financial aid.

Education at Oxford and Harvard

When it comes to education, Oxford University and Harvard University both offer exceptional opportunities for students. Oxford University boasts over 20 renowned colleges and institutes, providing a diverse range of courses and degrees across various disciplines. Its divisions span humanities, social sciences, medical sciences, mathematical, physical, life sciences, and continuing education.

Harvard University, with its 15 different colleges and schools, offers an extensive selection of over 3,000 courses. Students can pursue both graduate and undergraduate programs in a variety of disciplines. From business to the arts, Harvard provides a comprehensive education that caters to a wide range of interests.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a degree in humanities, sciences, or any other field, both Oxford and Harvard have esteemed faculties and dedicated professors who will guide you through your academic journey.

Moreover, these universities are not only committed to providing exceptional education but also encourage students to pursue research opportunities, participate in extracurricular activities, and engage with their communities.

education at Oxford and Harvard

Immerse yourself in a rich learning environment, surrounded by fellow bright minds, and take advantage of the vast resources available at these prestigious institutions. Expand your knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and explore new intellectual horizons to prepare for a successful future.


  • Explore a wide range of courses and disciplines
  • Gain exposure to top-tier professors and researchers
  • Access extensive research resources and facilities
  • Engage in vibrant academic and extracurricular communities
  • Participate in internships, study abroad programs, and networking opportunities

By attending Oxford or Harvard, you will join a global network of alumni who have gone on to make significant contributions in their respective fields. Take the first step towards a world-class education and unlock a wealth of opportunities at these renowned institutions.

Rankings of Oxford and Harvard

When it comes to prestigious universities, both Oxford and Harvard are consistently ranked among the best in the world. With their exceptional academic programs and rich history, these institutions have earned their place among the top-ranked universities globally.

Oxford University, with its long-standing reputation, consistently achieves high rankings in various global university rankings. It holds the top position in the Best Global Universities in Europe rankings and is ranked fifth in the Best Global Universities by U.S. News. Additionally, the QS World University Rankings places Oxford University in an impressive second place. These rankings further cement Oxford’s status as one of the most prestigious universities worldwide.

Similarly, Harvard University, renowned for its excellence in education, consistently secures top positions in university rankings. It is ranked second among National Universities and holds the first position in the Global Universities by U.S. News. The Round University Ranking also recognizes Harvard as the top university. These rankings reflect Harvard’s commitment to providing a world-class education.

Both Oxford and Harvard have consistently maintained their prestigious positions in global university rankings, making them highly sought-after institutions for students aspiring to receive the best education.

rankings of Oxford and Harvard

Tuition Costs at Oxford and Harvard

When considering your options for higher education, tuition costs play a crucial role. Let’s take a closer look at the tuition fees at Oxford University and Harvard University.

Tuition Costs at Oxford University

At Oxford University, tuition costs vary depending on whether you are a local or international student. Local students can expect to pay around 9,250 EUR per year. However, for international students, tuition fees range from 26,770 to 37,310 EUR annually.

It’s important to note that Oxford University understands the financial burden students may face. To assist students in managing their tuition fees, the university offers various scholarships and bursaries. These financial resources can help alleviate some of the costs and make your education more affordable.

Tuition Costs at Harvard University

Harvard University is known for its prestigious reputation, but it also comes with a higher price tag. On average, tuition fees at Harvard University amount to around 78,200 USD per year.

Despite the higher costs, Harvard University provides support to students through financial aid programs, scholarships, and grants. It’s worth mentioning that Harvard offers a tuition calculator on their website, allowing you to estimate your actual fees and explore options for financial assistance.

tuition costs

When comparing tuition costs between Oxford and Harvard, it’s important to consider your personal financial situation and the opportunities for scholarships and financial aid. The investment in your education can open doors to future success, and both universities offer resources to help alleviate the financial burden.

  • Take advantage of the scholarships and bursaries offered by Oxford University
  • Explore the financial aid options, scholarships, and grants available at Harvard University
  • Consider the long-term benefits and return on investment that come with a degree from either institution

By carefully evaluating the tuition costs and financial aid opportunities, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your academic goals and financial situation.

Employability Rates of Oxford and Harvard Graduates

When considering universities for your education, it’s crucial to evaluate the employability rates, job opportunities, and salaries that graduates can expect. Oxford University, renowned for its academic excellence, attracts major employers and offers a multitude of career prospects. With an average of 12,000 job postings per year, Oxford opens doors to opportunities with esteemed organizations such as NHS, ASOS, BAE Systems, and Cisco Systems.

Oxford graduates command impressive salaries, with an average of $100,000. The Master in Management degree stands out as the highest-paying program, boasting a salary potential of around $170,000. This demonstrates the exceptional value and potential return on investment that Oxford provides. The employability rates at Oxford University make it an attractive choice for students seeking strong job prospects and competitive salaries.

While Oxford serves as a strong contender, Harvard University also offers outstanding employability rates and lucrative job opportunities. With an employability rate of 89%, Harvard graduates are highly sought after in the job market. The university’s MBA programs rank first globally according to QS, further enhancing employment prospects for students.

Graduates from Harvard Business School enjoy average salaries of $210,000, which showcases the potential for high earnings and professional success. This combination of employability rates, job opportunities, and attractive salaries solidifies Harvard’s position as a leading institution for those seeking outstanding career prospects.

Both Oxford and Harvard provide exceptional value in terms of employability rates, job opportunities, and salaries. It is key to assess their respective strengths and align them with your career goals when making your university decision.

employability rates

Return on Investment – Is it Worth It?

When it comes to deciding between Oxford University and Harvard University, return on investment is an important factor to consider. You want to ensure that the financial investment you make in your education is worth it in the long run.

The average cost of a degree from Oxford University is approximately $173,000, including tuition fees and other expenses. On the other hand, a degree from Harvard University comes at an average cost of around $221,000. These figures may seem high, but it’s important to look at the potential earnings after graduation.

Graduates from Oxford University can expect to make an average salary of about $41,000 per year. Considering the cost of the degree, it would take around 4.2 years for the investment to start paying off. On the other hand, graduates from Harvard University have the potential to earn an average salary of approximately $91,000 per year. In this case, it would take about 2.4 years to make up for the tuition fees.

It’s important to note that these figures are just averages, and individual salaries may vary depending on various factors such as field of study and career choices. However, considering the potential return on investment is crucial when making a decision between these two prestigious institutions.

Prestige and Reputation of Oxford and Harvard

Both Oxford and Harvard have established themselves as prestigious institutions and are widely recognized as top universities in the world. Oxford University, in particular, holds the esteemed title of being ranked as the top university globally for seven consecutive years. Its rich history, academic excellence, and contributions to various fields have solidified its reputation as a leading institution in higher education.

Harvard University, on the other hand, carries a reputation that commands respect and admiration. It has produced countless world leaders, scholars, and successful alumni who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. The institution’s commitment to excellence, rigorous academic standards, and innovative research have contributed to its status as one of the most highly regarded universities around.

When making a decision between Oxford and Harvard, it is crucial to consider the global prestige and reputation that both universities offer. Their well-established names and the recognition they receive from peers, employers, and society at large can open doors to countless opportunities and contribute to a successful future.

Admissions Process at Oxford and Harvard

When it comes to the admissions process, Oxford University and Harvard University have their own unique procedures. Understanding the application process and acceptance rates can play a crucial role in your decision-making.

Oxford University utilizes the centralized system known as UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). Through UCAS, applicants can submit their applications to up to five universities, including Oxford. It’s essential to note that the application deadline for Oxford and its close counterpart, Cambridge, is October 15th, so make sure to plan accordingly.

On the other hand, Harvard University utilizes the widely recognized Common App. With the Common App, prospective students have the convenience of applying to multiple colleges simultaneously, streamlining the application submission process.

When it comes to acceptance rates, it’s important to consider your chances of admission. Oxford University has an acceptance rate of around 17%, while Harvard University has an acceptance rate of approximately 5%. This makes Oxford relatively easier to get into compared to Harvard.

As you contemplate your university choices, take into account the admissions process and acceptance rates of both Oxford and Harvard. These factors can provide valuable insight into the level of competitiveness and the likelihood of being accepted into these prestigious institutions.


When it comes to choosing between Oxford and Harvard, the decision ultimately lies in your hands. Both universities are renowned for their exceptional educational standards, research opportunities, and career prospects. However, consider several factors before making your final choice.

Take into account the wide variety of course offerings at both institutions, as well as their rankings and global prestige. Additionally, consider tuition costs and available financial aid options to ensure that your decision aligns with your budget. Moreover, investigate employability rates and job prospects for graduates from both universities to understand which institution may better serve your career goals.

Ultimately, the final decision should be based on which university best fits your academic and career aspirations. Consider the unique opportunities and resources each institution offers to help you thrive personally and professionally. Whether you choose the historic and prestigious Oxford or the esteemed Harvard, make an informed decision that will set the stage for your future success.

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