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Can I get a full scholarship to Harvard?

Can I get a full scholarship to Harvard?
Dream of attending Harvard without financial burden? Discover if you can get a full scholarship to Harvard and unlock your academic potential.

Harvard University – the epitome of prestigious education and academic excellence. The dream of attending this esteemed institution often comes with concerns about its affordability. You may be wondering if it’s possible to secure a full scholarship to Harvard, relieving the burden of hefty tuition fees. Well, the answer might surprise you.

Harvard University offers financial aid packages to meet the demonstrated need of qualified students. But does this include the possibility of a full scholarship? In this article, we’ll explore the options and sources of financial aid available at Harvard, and demystify the process of obtaining a scholarship that covers 100% of your financial need.

Key Takeaways:

  • Harvard University offers financial aid packages designed to cover 100% of a student’s demonstrated need.
  • The university uses diverse sources, including endowment funds, alumni donations, and federal and state grants, to provide scholarship funds.
  • Financial aid at Harvard encompasses a combination of scholarships, student employment, and awards from outside sources.
  • Applying for financial aid and exploring outside scholarship opportunities can maximize your chances of receiving assistance.
  • Harvard is committed to affordability and provides comprehensive support to help students manage their financial aid throughout their education.

The Process for Determining Financial Aid at Harvard

Harvard University follows a comprehensive process to determine a student’s financial aid award. The goal is to provide necessary support to meet the demonstrated need of qualified students. The process takes into account various factors, including parent contribution, student employment, outside awards, and the need-based aid offered by the university.

To begin, Harvard establishes the parent contribution, which is determined based on the family’s financial information provided through the financial aid application process. This contribution is the amount that the university expects the student’s parents to contribute towards their education expenses.

Next, student employment is factored into the financial aid award. Harvard encourages students to work during the academic year to contribute to their educational expenses. Student employment includes both on-campus jobs and off-campus jobs through the Federal Work-Study Program.

Furthermore, outside awards such as scholarships from secondary schools, civic organizations, and employers are taken into account when determining the financial aid package. These awards are incorporated into the overall financial aid package to reduce the student’s out-of-pocket expenses. Harvard has a reporting system that allows students to report their outside awards and use them towards their college expenses.

Lastly, the remaining need is covered by scholarship funds provided by the university. These scholarship funds are grant-based and do not need to be repaid. They are designed to meet the remaining financial need after considering the parent contribution, student employment, and outside awards.

Harvard also notifies students about federal and state grants for which they might be eligible. These grants are available to eligible U.S. citizens or permanent residents and can provide additional financial support for education expenses.

Student Employment at Harvard

All students at Harvard, regardless of their financial aid status, have the opportunity to work during the academic year. Around two-thirds of Harvard students choose to work, and student employment is an expected contribution towards the cost of education.

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP) subsidizes the wages of eligible students and offers designated jobs both on and off-campus. Students can browse the Student Employment Office jobs database to find FWSP eligible jobs. The income earned through student employment can be used to help pay for personal expenses.

student employment

Student Loans at Harvard

Harvard University is dedicated to providing financial aid packages that cover a student’s demonstrated need without the need for additional borrowing. However, if you require assistance in covering your student or family contribution, there are student loan options available. By requesting loans through the Student Loan Request Form, you can explore different types of student loans to supplement your financial aid package.

One type of student loan available at Harvard is need-based loans, with the interest paid by the federal government. These loans help bridge the gap between your financial need and the aid provided in your package. Another option is non-need-based loans, where interest begins accruing from disbursement. These loans are available to cover any remaining costs not met by your financial aid.

Harvard also offers the Harvard Loan, a need-based loan where the university covers the interest. This loan option can help alleviate any additional financial burden you may face while attending Harvard.

Remember, while loans can provide financial assistance, it’s important to carefully consider your options and only borrow what you need. Exploring scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities should always be prioritized to minimize debt. However, if you require additional financial support, the student loan options at Harvard can help you bridge the gap.

Benefits of Student Loans at Harvard

  • Provides additional financial support to cover student or family contribution
  • Offers need-based loans with interest paid by the federal government
  • Includes non-need-based loans to support remaining costs
  • Harvard Loan option with the university covering the interest
  • Enables access to a prestigious education while managing costs

Considerations for Student Loans

  • Only borrow what you need to minimize debt
  • Prioritize scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities
  • Explore repayment options and financial literacy resources
  • Understand the terms, interest rates, and repayment timelines
  • Consult with financial aid advisors for personalized guidance

Scholarships for Incoming Harvard Students

When it comes to scholarships for incoming students at Harvard University, the focus is primarily on need-based aid rather than merit-based scholarships. Harvard University is dedicated to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need for all eligible students.

The financial aid packages offered by Harvard are specifically designed to cover a student’s demonstrated financial need, ensuring that every admitted student has the opportunity to attend the university regardless of their financial background. Need-based aid can be in the form of scholarships, grants, and other financial assistance that does not need to be repaid.

It’s important for incoming students to understand that Harvard does not offer merit-based scholarships as part of their financial aid packages. However, merit-based scholarships from outside sources can still be used to supplement the financial aid package offered by Harvard University.

scholarships for incoming Harvard students

By utilizing outside scholarships, incoming students can further reduce the financial burden of attending Harvard. There are numerous scholarship opportunities available to students from various backgrounds, and these scholarships can provide additional financial support to help cover the costs of tuition, fees, and other educational expenses.

While Harvard focuses on need-based aid, it is worth noting that the university takes into consideration a student’s merit and academic potential during the admissions process. Harvard aims to provide an inclusive learning environment where talented students from all walks of life can thrive academically.

Whether you qualify for need-based aid or have the opportunity to secure external scholarships, attending Harvard University is an investment in your future. The university is committed to supporting its students throughout their academic journey and ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their educational pursuits.

Resources for Finding Outside Scholarships

When it comes to funding your education, outside scholarships can be a great way to supplement your financial aid package. Harvard University provides students with valuable resources to help them find these external funding opportunities.

To begin your scholarship search, Harvard recommends utilizing the following websites:

  • College Board: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search
  • Fastweb: https://www.fastweb.com/
  • Scholarships.com: https://www.scholarships.com/
  • CollegeScholarships.org: https://www.collegescholarships.org/
  • UNIGO: https://www.unigo.com/scholarships
  • GoodCall Scholarship Directory: https://www.goodcall.com/scholarships/
  • Scholarship Search by SallieMae: https://www.salliemae.com/college-planning/tools/scholarship-search/

These websites offer comprehensive databases of scholarships from various sources, providing you with a wide range of options to explore. You can search for scholarships based on your interests, academic background, and other criteria relevant to your personal circumstances.

Finding and applying for outside scholarships can be a bit competitive and time-consuming, but the effort can be well worth it. These scholarships can potentially add thousands of dollars to your financial aid package, reducing the burden of tuition costs. So be sure to take advantage of these valuable resources and maximize your chances of securing additional funding for your education.

Net Price Calculator

Estimating the affordability of attending Harvard University is made easier with the Net Price Calculator. This invaluable tool allows prospective students like you to input relevant financial information and receive a personalized estimate of your net price in less than five minutes.

The Net Price Calculator takes into account the various financial aid resources available at Harvard, including scholarships, grants, and other forms of assistance. By providing accurate details about your family’s financial situation, the calculator can deliver an estimate that helps you make informed decisions about your education costs.

With the Net Price Calculator, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the net price you can expect to pay for your Harvard education. This ensures transparency and empowers you to plan for your academic journey, taking into consideration affordability and estimated financial aid.

Access the Net Price Calculator now and discover the affordability of Harvard University for you and your family.

Image: Net Price Calculator

Net Price Calculator

Financial Aid for International Students at Harvard

Harvard University understands the financial challenges that international students may face when pursuing higher education. To support international students in their academic journey, Harvard offers generous financial aid packages that are designed to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need.

International students at Harvard can take advantage of need-based aid packages that include scholarships and grants. These financial resources are intended to cover the demonstrated financial need of international students, making a Harvard education more accessible and affordable for students from around the world.

Additionally, international students can explore outside scholarship opportunities that are specifically available to them based on their country or region. These international scholarships can provide additional financial support, supplementing the financial aid package offered by Harvard.

The application process and requirements for international students are similar to those for domestic students. International students are encouraged to submit the necessary financial aid applications, such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile, to determine their eligibility for financial aid.

At Harvard University, international students are valued members of the diverse community, and the university is committed to ensuring that financial limitations do not hinder their ability to pursue education and achieve their goals.

  1. Harvard offers need-based aid packages to international students
  2. International students can receive scholarships and grants as part of their financial aid package
  3. Outside scholarship opportunities are available to international students
  4. International students should complete the necessary financial aid applications

Financial Aid Application Process at Harvard

When it comes to financing your education at Harvard University, the financial aid application process is an essential step. To ensure that you receive the financial assistance you need, you must complete the appropriate applications. For domestic students, this includes submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application helps determine your eligibility for federal aid programs, including grants, work-study opportunities, and loans.

For both domestic and international students, the CSS Profile is also required. The CSS Profile is an application administered by the College Board that provides additional information about your family’s finances. It helps Harvard better understand your financial need and design an aid package that suits your circumstances. The CSS Profile takes into account factors beyond what the FAFSA considers, such as home equity and non-custodial parent information, providing a more comprehensive view of your financial situation.

The deadlines for submitting the FAFSA and CSS Profile applications may vary, so it’s crucial to check the Harvard financial aid website for the most up-to-date information. Missing deadlines could result in delayed or reduced financial aid, so be sure to carefully note the application deadlines for each academic year. It’s recommended that you submit your applications as early as possible to maximize your chances of receiving the assistance you need.

Once your financial aid applications have been submitted and processed, Harvard’s financial aid office will review your information and determine your financial aid package. This package may include various forms of assistance, such as grants, scholarships, work-study opportunities, and loans. The goal is to meet your demonstrated financial need and make your Harvard education affordable.

Remember, the financial aid application process is a critical step in securing the financial assistance you need to pursue your academic goals at Harvard University. Be diligent in completing and submitting the FAFSA and CSS Profile applications on time to ensure that you receive the financial aid you deserve. Take advantage of the resources provided by Harvard’s financial aid office and visit their website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding application deadlines and requirements.

financial aid application

Additional Resources for Managing Financial Aid at Harvard

Harvard University understands the importance of effectively managing your financial aid and provides a range of resources to support you throughout your academic journey. Whether you need guidance on taking a leave of absence, reporting outside awards, verifying your federal aid, or verifying sibling information, Harvard has you covered.

When life circumstances require a break from your studies, Harvard offers a leave of absence program. This allows you to temporarily pause your education while still maintaining your financial aid eligibility. The university provides detailed information and resources to help you navigate the leave of absence process and make informed decisions about your academic path.

If you receive awards from outside sources, it’s essential to report them to Harvard. The university has established a reporting system to ensure that your outside awards can be incorporated into your financial aid package. By reporting these awards, you can maximize your overall financial aid and make your education more affordable.

Harvard also offers support for federal verification, a process that verifies the information provided on your financial aid application. The university provides guidance on the documents you need to submit and the steps involved in completing the verification process successfully. Verifying your federal aid ensures that you receive the financial assistance you qualify for.

Additionally, Harvard recognizes the impact of sibling information on your financial aid eligibility. If you have siblings attending college, you may be eligible for additional aid. The university provides resources and verification guidelines to help you navigate the process and ensure that your financial aid reflects the full scope of your family’s situation.

The Student Employment Office at Harvard plays a significant role in supporting students in managing their finances. They offer assistance in finding on-campus work opportunities, which can help you cover personal expenses and contribute to your overall education costs. The office also provides information on the Federal Work-Study Program, which subsidizes eligible students’ wages.

Harvard University is committed to comprehensive support, ensuring that you can effectively manage your financial aid throughout your education. By taking advantage of these additional resources, you can successfully navigate the financial aspects of your Harvard experience and focus on your academic and personal growth.


In conclusion, Harvard University offers a wide range of financial aid opportunities to support students in achieving their academic goals. Whether through scholarships, grants, student employment, or loans, Harvard is dedicated to making education affordable for all students. By understanding the financial aid application process, exploring outside scholarship options, and utilizing the resources provided by the university, you can increase your chances of receiving financial aid and make your Harvard experience more affordable.

Attending Harvard is not just a dream; it can become a reality with the help of the university’s robust financial aid programs. From scholarships and grants based on your demonstrated financial need to the opportunity for student employment, Harvard provides substantial support to make your education accessible. Additionally, by taking advantage of outside scholarship opportunities and leveraging the comprehensive resources offered by Harvard, you can further enhance your financial aid package.

Applying for financial aid at Harvard is an essential step in unlocking your academic potential and pursuing your dreams. The university’s commitment to affordability ensures that no capable student is denied the opportunity to attend based on financial constraints. So start your journey towards a Harvard education today, knowing that there are various financial aid options available to help you succeed.

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