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Resources for Military Spouses Starting Portable Careers and Businesses

resources for military spouses starting portable careers and businesses

Military spouses face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining a career while supporting their partners in the military. However, there are numerous resources available to help military spouses start portable careers and businesses. These resources include job search platforms, funding for education and certifications, and mentoring programs. By taking advantage of these resources, military spouses can empower themselves and pursue fulfilling careers that can be easily relocated as they move with their partners.

Starting a portable career or business as a military spouse is possible with the help of various resources and support networks. Job search platforms provide access to a wide range of portable career opportunities, including remote work options. Funding and scholarships are available to pursue education and certifications necessary for these careers. Mentoring and networking programs offer guidance and connections. And for those interested in starting their own businesses, there are dedicated tools and resources to support them. Together, these resources ensure that military spouses have the support they need to succeed.

Finding Portable Career Opportunities

Military spouses often face the challenge of maintaining a career while supporting their partners in the military. However, with the rise of remote work and flexible job opportunities, finding portable careers has become more accessible than ever before. Job search platforms that specialize in flexible and remote work options, such as FlexJobs, provide military spouses with a wide range of opportunities that can be done from anywhere.

These job search platforms offer a diverse selection of industries and occupations that offer portability. Military spouses can explore roles in management, technology, organizational and communication, among others, which are known for their flexibility and adaptability to remote work.

Additionally, independent contracting positions present another avenue for portable careers. Military spouses can consider online tutoring, application development, virtual assistance, website design, and other freelance opportunities that provide the flexibility needed to work from any location.

Portable Careers

With the help of job search platforms and the availability of remote work options, military spouses can find fulfilling and portable careers that align with their skills and interests. Whether it’s working in a specific industry or pursuing freelance opportunities, the opportunities are vast and ever-expanding.

Funding and Scholarships for Education and Certifications

Military spouses have access to funding and scholarships that can support their pursuit of education and certifications essential for their portable careers. One prominent program is the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship, an initiative that facilitates workforce development by providing financial assistance of up to $4,000. This funding can be utilized for various purposes, including attaining licenses, certifications, associate degrees, and continuing education courses. Military spouses can also use this financial aid to cover expenses related to national tests and earn course credits needed for their degrees.

By taking advantage of these funding opportunities, military spouses can acquire the necessary qualifications to thrive in their chosen industries. Whether they aim to enter healthcare, technology, business, or any other field, these funds can alleviate the financial burden and propel them toward their career goals.

funding for education

In addition to funding, military spouses can also explore various scholarships designed to support their educational aspirations. These scholarships offer a range of benefits, including tuition support, financial aid, and specialized programs tailored to military families. By tapping into these resources, military spouses can ensure that financial constraints never hinder their pursuit of higher education.

With the ability to access funding opportunities and scholarships, military spouses possess the means to enhance their knowledge and skills, allowing them to thrive in their portable careers and achieve professional success.

Mentoring and Networking Programs

Mentoring and networking programs are essential for the professional growth and success of military spouses. These programs provide valuable guidance, support, and connections that help military spouses overcome challenges and find meaningful employment. By participating in mentoring programs, military spouses can benefit from the knowledge and experience of seasoned professionals who can provide valuable insights and advice on navigating their careers.

Organizations such as USAA, Veterati, and the Military Spouse eMentor Program offer mentorship opportunities specifically designed to guide military spouses in their career paths. These programs connect military spouses with mentors who understand the unique challenges and opportunities military life presents. Through one-on-one guidance, mentorship programs empower military spouses to develop the necessary skills, expand their networks, and make informed career decisions.

Additionally, professional networks like the Military Spouse Professional Network and the National Military Spouse Network provide valuable resources and networking opportunities specific to military spouses. These networks organize events, workshops, and conferences that offer professional development opportunities and facilitate connections within the military spouse community. By participating in these networks, military spouses can expand their professional circles, exchange knowledge, and find support from peers facing similar challenges.

Mentoring and networking programs are invaluable resources for professional development, offering military spouses the chance to connect with mentors and peers who understand their unique situations. These programs provide military spouses with the guidance, support, and networking resources they need to excel in their careers and achieve their professional goals.

Tools and Resources for Business Owners

For military spouses interested in starting their own businesses, there are resources available to support them in their entrepreneurial journey. These tools and resources are designed to provide guidance, expertise, and opportunities for success in the business world.

1. Digital Mentor for Military Spouse Employment

The Digital Mentor for Military Spouse Employment is a valuable tool that provides customized answers to common employment questions. This online resource offers guidance on various aspects of starting and running a business, from creating a business plan to marketing strategies and financial management. With the help of the Digital Mentor, military spouses can gain insights and knowledge to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

2. Online Communities

Online communities like It’s a Military Life and The MilSpo Project offer networking opportunities, programs, and resources specifically geared towards helping military spouses start sustainable businesses. These communities provide a supportive environment where military spouses can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and access valuable resources such as business planning templates, marketing tips, and entrepreneurial success stories.

3. Organizations for Mentoring and Support

Organizations like the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation offer mentoring programs, job opportunities, and resources specifically tailored to women veterans and military spouses. These organizations provide guidance in areas such as business development, marketing strategies, financial management, and entrepreneurial skills. Through their mentorship programs, military spouses can gain valuable insights, make important connections, and receive support from experienced professionals.

By utilizing these tools, participating in online communities, and seeking support from relevant organizations, military spouses can access the necessary resources and knowledge to start and grow their own businesses. These resources offer guidance in various aspects of entrepreneurship, from idea generation to marketing strategies and financial management. With the right support network and access to valuable resources, military spouses can turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.


Starting a portable career or business as a military spouse is not only possible but also supported by a range of resources and support networks. Military spouses can utilize job search platforms to find flexible and remote work options that can easily be relocated. Funding programs, such as the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship, provide financial assistance for education and certifications that are essential for portable careers.

Mentoring programs and networking initiatives offered by organizations like USAA and the Military Spouse eMentor Program provide guidance and connections to navigate the unique challenges military spouses face in their careers. Additionally, specialized resources and tools, like the Digital Mentor for Military Spouse Employment, assist military spouses in their journey as business owners, providing customized answers and support.

With these resources at their disposal, military spouses can overcome the obstacles they encounter and build fulfilling careers and businesses that can be easily relocated. The support and opportunities available to military spouses signify the commitment to their success and the recognition of their vital role in supporting military families. By harnessing these resources, military spouses can navigate their professional paths with confidence and contribute to the growth and resilience of military communities.

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