Master of Arts In Organizational Leadership

Today’s small organizations and large enjoy multifaceted and immersive relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and service vendors. A successful organizational leader must improve the organization’s results while responding to owners' needs and values. Those who purposely lead the arc of personal, organizational, and societal influences lay the foundations for success.

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Tuition and Fees

Is The Continents University of Arts and Sciences 100% free of charge? The Continents University of Arts and Sciences is an American, internationally accredited, and online university committed to delivering modern, accredited, competitive, competency-based, and tuition-free education to everyone across all of The Continents! 

Tuition-Free: We do not charge any tuition, or platform fees, or any book fees. ALL FREE! However, we charge a one-time non-refundable admission processing fee of $50 and a course attendance fee of $125 to be paid upon registration of each course.

Why you charge fees if you are tuition-free and where is my money spent? We are a tuition-free university, and we operate for the human cause that we believe in. Higher education is right but not a privilege. We collect the small fees to cover this institution's operating expenses, including the accreditation fees, state license annual fees, secretory of state yearly registration fees, website hosting, online academic services, marketing fees, and printing graduation certificates.

Course Attendance Cost: For any course, students must pay an acceptance flat fee of $125.

Total Costs: The total costs of graduation with an accredited degree from The Continents University of Arts and Sciences are the following:

  • Master’s Degree: $1,000

Transfer Credit: All students willing to transfer credits from other educational institutions must pay a $25 credit transfer processing fee for every course transferred to The Continents University of Arts and Sciences. A professional evaluator shall conduct this process. Learn more about the transfer credit process by visiting the transfer credit page.

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Master of Arts In Organizational Leadership program at The Continents University of Arts and Sciences was founded for professionals looking to improve their career by seeking employment in management positions, students who are looking to establish their own business or those who are seeking success in the business industry. MBA degree program will help students, entrepreneurs, and business owners advancing their knowledge in a business environment, finance, economy, management, and marketing.

This course is designed as a survey course that will expose you to business terminology, concepts, and current business issues, with the intent of helping students develop a viable business vocabulary, foster critical and analytical thinking, and refine business decision-making skills.

1. Alternative Course Credit Available by Sophia Learning (Self-Paced)

2. No prerequisites required to finish this course

Examining the effects of cost, price, and profit on management decision-making, with particular attention to the tools and methods managers, use to make the best-informed decisions.

1. Alternative Course Credit Available by Sophia Learning (Self-Paced)

2. Prerequisites BUS 1010

Investigation of effective communication skills as a prerequisite for succeeding in business, with particular attention to communication tools and activities that connect people within and beyond the organization.

1. Alternative Course Credit Available by Sophia Learning (Self-Paced)

2. Prerequisites BUS 1010

The courses included in this program are designed to prepare students for the professional world of customer service. These certificate program courses provide a solid knowledge base in computer skills, business communications, and best customer service practices.

1. Prerequisites BUS 1010

Introductory course to the laws and ethical standards that managers must abide by while conducting business. Explores the legal framework designed to protect both consumers and businesses and outlines the legal and ethical environment in which businesses operate.

1. Alternative Course Credit Available by Sophia Learning (Self-Paced)

2. Prerequisites SER 5050

This course will introduce you to communication principles, common communication practices, and a selection of theories to better understand the communication transactions that you experience in your daily life.

1. Prerequisites SER 5050

An introductory course that provides a basic understanding of microeconomic principles. Analyzes the economic factors influencing decisions made at the individual level after evaluating resources, costs, and tradeoffs.

1. Alternative Course Credit Available by Sophia Learning (Self-Paced)

2. Prerequisites BUS 1050

A detailed survey of the theory behind international trade, trade policy issues, and the implications of tariffs and non-tariff barriers for trade and welfare. Covers theory of exchange rates, international finance, and the global capital market.

1. Prerequisites BUS 2101

Graduation Requirements

Students must maintain a CGPA of 2.0 and pass a final examination at the end of each course when available. Students must complete 24 credit hours in twelve months, provided an uninterrupted and healthy progression through the program. Students who fail to pass the individual quizzes will be allowed to take a refresher course in their area(s) of deficiency and subsequently be allowed to make one graded assignment only.