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Foreign Credential Evaluation

85 USD

Continents Academy will start offering foreign credential evaluation by January 2017. The evaluation will give foreign educated graduates to have the same opportunity to find jobs for U.S graduates in addition to the experience. The evaluation process is conducted by mail for the sealed envelopes, and online if you received your educational documents electronically, evaluation specialist will be in touch with applicant by mail only. The applicants will be responsible for submitting all necessary records and all documents for the educational background for which an evaluation is being sought, the required service and the evaluation report will proceed after we receive the required documents.

We may consider students ineligible for evaluation process if they don’t submit the document with a specific period we grant to complete the package.

Also we have the full right to decline the evaluation service if we received a false documents or we never received a response from the institution or the education agency, In this case no refund will issue, and students will be in black list of service and we may share the situation with educational institution, agencies and who have the right to pull up these information.