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Providing Proof of English Proficiency (Non U.S residents ONLY) - Accreditation | The Continents Academy

Accreditation / Providing Proof of English Proficiency (Non U.S residents ONLY)

Providing Proof of English Proficiency (Non U.S residents ONLY)

If you are not English native speaker, or you didn’t completed any higher education with at least one year English classes or it’s equivalence of English training courses, you must submit one of the following qualifications to meet our English proficiency requirement:
-A high school diploma, GED, or its original country equivalency certificate completed at a recognized high school where the English on of the instruction materials; OR
-One of the qualifications in the table below

Level Skill

 Intermediate (15–30)

 Reading Score

 Intermediate (15–30)

 Listening Score

 Limited (10–30)

 Speaking Score

 Limited (5–30)

 Writing Score

 Acceptable Score (45–120)

 Total Score


To submit your TOEFL scores to Continents Academy, use our school code: B594

If you are not able to provide one of the above English proficiency qualifications, you may be considered for admission to Continents Academy English Composition 1 course. In this case, you will be required to successfully complete this course and will have to pay additional fees to cover the completion of this course, before continuing to study in the Continents Academy. If you have any questions regarding our English proficiency requirements or the qualifications we accept, please contact the school admissions office at admissions@continents.us
Continents Academy are now part of more than 9,000 institutions which trust the TOEFL® test worldwide, and now we are listed in the TOEFL Online Destination Search tool located on the TOEFL Go Anywhere webpage.

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