Pharmaceutical Technology Certificate Program

Become Licensed in Pharmaceutical Technology & Save Thousands in Tuition Fees

Plus US Residents can Study the Pharmaceutical Technology professional program for FREE Through Workforce Development Funding, or Multiple 100% Full Scholarships 

Your Exciting Career In Pharmaceutical Technology Begins Here!: Do you have a degree in Science and want to specialise in Pharmaceuticals? The Nationally and Internationally recognised Pharmaceutical Technology Program is the professional certification you need to become Licensed as Pharmaceutical Technologist.

With demand for Licensed as Pharmaceutical Technologist at an all-time high and a predicted employment rise of 32% by 2020 (according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics), there has never been a better time to get qualified in Pharmaceuticals and start your dream career. This professional certification will get you qualified to work in laboratories, regulatory services, sales and a variety of pharmaceutical areas such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical technology, microbiology, biostatistics, drug development and manufacturing and more plus provide you with the knowledge and skills required to work in pharmaceutical fields without possessing a degree in pharmacy.

What Will I Learn?: You’ll begin by learning the skills required to work in the pharmaceutical field, with particular emphasis on the engineering aspects of drug manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical development, and pharmaceutical operations.

Not only will you be provided with an overview of the pharmaceutical industry, including information about drug discovery and development, FDA requirements, approval processes and the methodologies used by industry to comply with these regulations, drug dosage forms, and the role of key operational units in drug manufacturing processes, but you will also be presented with the fundamentals of the drug development cycle and the unit operations typically associated with drug manufacturing, including their quantitative and design aspects. 

Career Opportunities: Pharmacy Higher education lecturer, Clinical research associate, Pharmaceutical Technology Associate, Pharmaceutical Industry Associate, Regulatory affairs officer, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Pharmaceutical Laboratory  or Manager, Medical sales representative. 

Placement/Internships: This course includes an ‘Optional Internship - Student Choice’ at no extra cost. Get real-world experience working in pharmaceuticals and be job ready when you graduate. Internship will be useful for those who willing not study courses marked with an asterisk.

Course Requirements: 

  • 18+ years old. 
  • Have a Valid Drivers Licence  or Valid Government Issued Identification Documentation.
  • United States Residents must have a valid Social Security Number.
  • Must have already graduated with a Bachelor Degree or higher in Science from a US accredited institution or international equivalent.