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The Continents State University cannot guarantee employment, salary, or career advancement. The Continents State University provides access to multiple hiring providers as an additional service provided by third party companies at no additional extra fees. The Continents State University understands finding jobs is the most difficult part after graduation, and for that reason, we are committed to stay in touch with you and always help you find the right job fit for you. The Continents State University established a job board to help you take simple steps into your future after your graduation.

The Continents State University understands finding jobs is the most difficult part after graduation, and for that reason, we are committed to stay in touch with all students and always help them find the right job that’s fit their future. The Continents State University established a job board to help students take simple steps into finding a better future after graduation. Students who preferred to conduct job search based on their qualifications earned outside the university may choose to participate in the self-career advancement program by researching our international job board in collaboration with ZipRecruiter® and by accessing the special platform we design through student platform or by accessing the general public page at this URL:


List of (Third-Party) Services we Provide to Our Students

Students have access to The Continents Educational Platform “MyCampus” 24/7, career search engine provided for The Continents students, and personal self-advising services platform. 

  • Career Vitals hosts the most healthcare and medical jobs, with over one million jobs spanning every level in the healthcare sector.
  • HealthcareJobSite is an online job listing site for healthcare and medical jobs.  
  • Jobs in Healthcare: Jobs in Healthcare hosts thousands of jobs across the healthcare industry.  A jobseeker could search anything from administrative positions to in-home aides.  
  • MedHunting: MedHunting is a completely free job board to search and post healthcare jobs and medical jobs for free.  
  • Hospital Careers: Hospital Careers is the leading career portal for healthcare and hospital jobs. 
  • Hospital Recruiting is a physician and healthcare job board that allows jobseekers to filter through specialty and location. They also have a blog with helpful tips for those seeking jobs in healthcare! 
  • Healthcare Source: Healthcare Source hosts a job board that lists positions across the healthcare industry on an easy-to-use interface. 
  • Health Jobs Nationwide: Health Jobs Nationwide hosts all healthcare jobs across the Nation.  
  • MedZilla: Medzilla hosts a board with job listings in healthcare, pharma, and science.  
  • BioSpace: BioSpace lists jobs and companies with openings in the pharmaceutical and technical fields.  
  • Nursing Jobs: Nursing Jobs is the ultimate resource for RNs looking for jobs.  
  • Career Pharm: Career Pharm is a job board dedicated to positions for pharmacists.


Classroom and workshop curriculum in different formats for career planning and job search.

The following information developed by CareerOneStop the U.S. Department of Labor. CareerOneStop offers great information and tools for career advisors who help job seekers, career explorers, and students. CareerOneStop material may be used in individual sessions, a curriculum for classroom or workshops, computer lab exercises, or for newsletters and other publications.

Here are links to the resources most frequently used by career advisors:

 Career resources to target these special populations:

Personal Advising Services (Academic Advisors)

The Continents State University Office of Academic Advisors will ensure that’s every student will have an academic advisor to be assigned to help them achieve their goals without barriers and by helping them in course planning, the journey of online education, expectations of job placement after graduation and career improvement in collaboration with Career Placement Service Center that helps all students find and identify the right employer.

The Continents State University planning for a high placement rate as a tuition-free institution. The University will do the best to support our learners' future from the beginning of establishing their educational journey, choosing The Continents State University as their future builder, and by supporting their choices, offering them all possible resources from academic advising, until their graduation and joining the workforce industry.