About Us

The Continents State University committed to help all range people of the Ohio and nationwide community in the United State of America and around the globe get access to a tuition free education to advance future careers and change people life from Russia, South Africa, America, Japan, and beyond.

The Continents State University, incorporated August, 2015 by Ricky Madison PharmD, in order to encourage and further the education of people. The Continents State University a part of The Continents Foundation that received national recognition as 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

The University presents students with the best tools for faster assimilation into the United States, in order to ensure job placement and future success.  The Continents State University offers a myriad of services like career certificate programs, foreign education degree evaluation, translation, technical career development examinations. The Continents State University aspires to be national and globally recognized as online private institution, where students can learn, grow, and thrive.

We are founded to encourage more people in education because today, 1.5 Million Jobs are going to be unoccupied by 2016.

Working together to provide professionals with the ability to start new opportunities and develop even more people in education. Because the time is valuable for students and because the E-Learning open doors at the same level for studying on campus, in addition to the Open Educational Resources (OER), we decided to have our students full access to all training materials 24/7.


Why We Use Online Education?  Because our online system has the following features!

  • 24 hours available access
  • Simple interface & Group Forums
  • Live chats & Messaging
  • Instantly graded exams
  • Direct instructor feedback
  • Case studies & Flashcards
  • Direct connect with our school faculty

You don’t have to go to class on a set schedule, sit in an uncomfortable chair, and be away from your job or family, when you can ask questions directly from home. Studying online will give the same outcome of studying on campus, especially online education is booming across America & the world because it is simply the best way to learn and communicate for many people!

Learning online is easy! It takes most students just a few minutes to learn and navigate the student portal “My Campus” on The Continents State University website. If you were able to get to this web page on your own, you should be able to learn online in our system!