Attendance Policy

Students are enrolled in one course every term, and they don’t have to take any registration steps or contact the university for the registration process. Students are responsible for satisfying all academic objectives defined by the course structure.

Acceptable reasons for absence from or failure to engage in class include illness; serious accidents or emergencies affecting the student or their family; special curricular requirements, if any; military obligation; severe weather conditions that prevent class participation; religious holidays; and court-imposed legal obligations (e.g., jury duty or subpoena).  Other reasons (e.g., a job interview or club activity) may be deemed acceptable if they last for less than three days per week.

Students are expected to log in to the online learning management system MyCampus LMS several times every week to complete the assigned tasks on their dashboard.

Weekly assigned tasks are divided into multiple events, where students can take one task at a time. When students fail to log in for three consecutive business days, MyCampus LMS will notify them automatically and ask them to log in to their student portal. If students fail to log in to their account at least once every week, they will be placed on Week Warning. If students receive two consecutive Week Warnings, they will receive an administrative withdrawal from the course.

For all planned absences, a student who allows an excused absence from a class or any required class activity must inform the instructor as early as possible before the class.  For all unplanned absences because of accidents or emergencies, students should contact their instructor or the Office of Academic Services as soon as conditions permit.

Students shall be permitted a reasonable amount of time to make up the material or activities covered during absence from class or inability to engage in class activities for the reasons outlined above.

Students looking to leave the university for more than one term and without withdrawing their admission must apply for a Leave of Absence for up to 120 days per year from their account through Success Portal.

The university recognizes the right of the instructor to make attendance mandatory and requires documentation for absences (except for religious holidays), missed work, or inability to engage in class fully. After due warning, an instructor can prohibit further attendance and subsequently assign a failing grade for excessive absences.