Will be there any academic advisors to help me?

The Continents States University is an institution that emphasizes academic and professional growth, personal development, and the nurturing of each student.  Academic Advisors serve as mediators between students and faculty or university administration.  Academic Advisors at the Office of Academic Advisors must advise and mentor students concerning educational and professional decisions.

The Office of Academic Advisors will ensure that every student has an academic advisor to be assigned to help them achieve their goals without barriers. They are also assisting students in course planning and online education journey. The university staff members will do their best to support learners’ future from the beginning of establishing their educational journey. Help students defend their choices, offering them all possible resources from academic advising until graduation and joining the workforce industry. The Continents States University academic advisors will provide educational guidance and assistance for students by planning schedules, recommending courses, and determining appropriate education solutions for different students.

In addition, each faculty member is receptive to developing a professional yet personal relationship with each student. As such, the students should feel comfortable, if the need arises, to seek the advice of a faculty member concerning academic and professional matters.