What is Continents Academy

The Continents Academy was a non-degree institution approved to operate in Ohio and other states. It was authorized to award professional certificates below the Associate degree level and operate as an evaluation agency. Evaluations done by Continents Academy for the purpose of a second opinion from education professional evaluators do not mean any degree validation or authentication of the degree issuer. We always encourage students to ensure that their institutions of study are accredited or state authorized before they can seek a second opinion.

Any evaluation done by Continents Academy is not valid for employment, immigration, or licensing purposes unless combined with its original transcript issued by the institution where the student obtained his education.

Applicants must make themselves aware that The Continents States University is not Continents Academy. We will not provide any authentication, confirmation, or related documents and shall not help obtain evaluation anymore.

The Continents States University relies on credential evaluation agencies in the United States, like ECE, to assess and evaluate foreign credentials.