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Welcome to the homepage of the university career center. Career Services has many tools and services available as you look for the ideal major or prepare for your career search. Work on your professional development plan whenever you have the time—neither early nor late.

The Continents States University cannot guarantee employment, salary, or career advancement. The Continents States University provides access to multiple hiring providers as an additional service provided by third-party companies at no extra charge. The Continents States University understands finding jobs is the most challenging part after graduation. Therefore, we are committed to staying in touch with you and always helping you find the right job. The Continents States University established a job board to help you take simple steps into your future after graduation.

The Continents States University understands finding jobs is the most challenging part after graduation. For that reason, we are committed to staying in touch with all students and always helping them find the right job that’s fit their future. The Continents States University established a job board to help students take simple steps to find a better lot after graduation. Students who prefer to conduct job searches based on their qualifications earned outside the university may choose to participate in the self-career advancement program by researching our international job board in collaboration with ZipRecruiter®.

You have a better chance of success if you give this process more time. The Continents States University has developed a comprehensive list of resources and services to support our community of students and alumni access to high-quality job opportunities; these services include a wide range of resume and cover letter writing systems supported by artificial intelligence and skill matching tools, interview preparation quizzes, and training tools.

We also partnered with twelve major job board providers to give our students direct access to their services at no cost. Also, we have expanded our services to our international students by working with seven of the world’s giant hiring boards. In addition, we are offering many other workshops and employment resources for special populations, including veterans, disabled people, older workers, and many others.

Career and Employment Resources

The university has developed a partnership with more than forty-five employment firms inside and outside the United States. All employment resources, resume writing assistance, and artificial intelligence support is available to all current students through the Student’s Dashboard at no additional cost.

Study and Business Resources

We are working hard to prepare our students for success; therefore, the university makes more than one hundred eighty resources available through the Student’s Dashboard to support the students in their study journey. These resources vary in nature, including but not limited to comprehensive software, writing/creating, note-taking, storage, editing, reviewing, free images, statistics and data analysis, other analysis, transcription and qualitative analysis, literature/systematic reviews, collaborative workspaces teaching resources, citations and references, research/knowledge access, open science and preprints, virtual meetings, audio, task managers, networking and social media, graphics, models, and figures, conducting research, anti-racism resources, academic podcasts, student discounts, and free stuff, helpful blogs and websites, and much more.

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