Availability Of Opportunities During The Pandemic

Despite the various ways in which the pandemic has impacted us, opportunities are still available both far and near. Those recognizing not necessarily those opportunities, but the mere fact that they do exist, are primed to succeed once societies reopen their doors. What exactly are these opportunities? The same ones that have always been around, just in a modified shape and form.

  1. Education – Knowing more than your competition is still an advantage. Colleges and universities offer resources that vastly build upon one’s existing knowledge in a subject. With professors and fellow students available, this is the time to become an expert in one of various fields.
  • Entrepreneurship – With research, one is able to enter the market well prepared for customers and competitors. How many companies pivoted mask and hand sanitizer distribution in 2020? How many people switched from retail to online sales? Hundreds of events can impact a business. Those with knowledge of the resources around them are in the best position to weather the storm.
  • Experience – Similar to the retail-to-online adaptation, many individuals and nonprofits are building online platforms. This introduces the opportunity to volunteer or discover online projects. The experience gained will put people in stronger positions moving forward. Some won’t seize the chance for more experience; their loss.

Every year will offer some obstacle that impacts businesses and the job market. Future success will be for those willing to push past the status quo, discover resources, and leverage them appropriately.

By Associate Professor D. Stephens
College of Graduate Degree Programs 
The Continents University of Arts and Sciences